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The Costume Design of ROCK OF AGES

Take a look at the amazing design of ROCK OF AGES! Costume Designer, Beck Jones has created a fun and playful homage to 1980s rock culture that is also gorgeous and artful. Take a look at his original costume sketches, and see how those designs turned into reality on stage!

Beck Jones is a costume designer and artist based in New York City. He is known for his graphic style and textile work. His work includes Broadway Celebrates Oz (Broadway Box) for the 80th Anniversary of The Wizard of Oz, Love Bird (Pheonix Theatre), Hansel and Gretel (The 7th Artistry), Love Over Dose (React), and Peter and the Starcatcher (Gallery Players). Beck's work has also been seen on television including RuPaul's Drag Race, Saturday Night Live, and Bridgerton.

Come see Beck's beautiful work on the Mountain Theatre Company stage in ROCK OF AGES!

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