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Give yourself at least 15 minutes to find a parking spot and check in or purchase your tickets. Consider adding 5 - 10 minutes extra if you want to visit the bar prior to the show. Our small staff works quickly, however it does take time to provide good customer service to everyone. 

The actual Playhouse lot adjacent to the Box Office is very narrow. Large vehicles and those who struggle with backing up over distances often feel more comfortable using the lots in front or behind the police station. If you do use our lot, please pull fully into the spaces, to make room for other cars and reduce the risk of another patron damaging your vehicle.


Folks often forget the lot behind the police station. There is a stairway that takes you to within steps of the Playhouse doors.  Drivers should access this lot from Maple Street.


There is additional street parking along Oak Street near Town Hall, as well as on the far corner of N. 3rd and Maple Street.  Feel free to use the street access stairway near the Fire Department.

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